Rock Solid | Citizen Engagement and CRM

Guide to Affordable Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Government

An affordable government CRM can be used for a lot more than handling service requests. A CRM for government helps your community save money, frees up government resources, and increases constituent engagement by centralizing information about elections, town FAQs, and more.

This guide will help city officials:

  • Understand the affordable CRM options you have
  • Determine the ROI of a government CRM
  • Build a plan of action for selecting a CRM
  • See the benefits of CRM for local government
Cloud-based System

Having a cloud-based system reduces the hosting costs for your agency.

Translate into Dollars

We'll show you how to manage your constituent's high expectations with a tight department budget.

One Record of Interactions

Each interaction a resident performs with your agency documented in one place for staff to review.

There is No Reason Your Government Shouldn't have a CRM 

Find out today how your agency can provide superior services with a seamless experience for constituents within your community. 

Our Affordable Modern Government CRM guide will show you the best options for implementing a constituent relationship manager without over-extending your department budget.

Engage Residents

no matter where they are

Seamless Mobile

app that connects every user

Scale Your Solution

based on your agency needs

It's time

to consider a CRM solution