5 Factors to Deploy a Mobile Civic App - Part 2

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Understand Your Users

Generally speaking, most of the technology in use by your organization today are back office tools intended only to be used internally by staff. Your public facing website is the exception to this rule. But your public facing website, for the most part, is only a collection of static content.

On the other hand, a mobile application is a brand new type of tool – it is dynamic and interactive. Users who download a mobile application access a new form, one that provides immediate, simple usage without training.

Furthermore, immediate gratification is essential in mobile. Smartphone apps don't come with a user manual. Today’s mobile users are fickle and unlikely to take the time to learn something. The user experience on your app has to feel inevitable, it just has to work! Here a few tips to accomplish this outcome:

Minimize Clicks

As few clicks as possible. Have you ever been amazed when the 140 character tweet limit forces you to edit? Designers who continually refine the user experience will reduce clicks. Mobile devices have small screens and limited data plans. Our fat thumbs and our lack of patience mean that each extra click negatively impacts user adoption and increases abandonment.

Intuitive Process

Because you are deploying a new product with limited ability to train the user, each step, each feature, needs to flow naturally. Popups, prompts, and other similar design methodologies can be deployed to hold the training or communication to the moment it is required.

Remove Barriers

A mobile world is a faster and more impatient world. Requiring a user registration, for example, is something that can increase user abandonment. Smart application design can postpone the moment of registration, or leverage opportunities like OAuth or data made available from the device, to achieve a better outcome.

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