Behind-the-Scenes: Rock Solid "Honolulu 311" Press Launch

What does it feel like to be a municipal employee and deploy a mobile application that will engage the public? The following is a behind-the-scenes account from our deployment of the 'Honolulu 311' app for the City and County of Honolulu. The press, citizens, and internal municipal employees get a big a win. Take look at how the day unfolds. Note: The following is a first hand account of a Rock Solid deployment as shared by City and County of Honolulu government workers. Minor corrections and adjustments have been made for publication purposes.

6:15am Live TV Debut

City and County of Honolulu CIO, Gordon Bruce, and Deputy Director, Forest Frizzell, go live on ABC News Channel 4 to introduce the Honolulu 311 app.

Honolulu IT Staff on ABC Newscast Honolulu IT Staff on ABC Newscast (Click to Play)

10:30am Mayor's Press Conference

Mayor Carlisle holds press conference highlighting the City and County's efforts to deploy Rock Solid (previously CitySourced) in order to better engage residents and harness technology in a transparent government setting. All three major media stations (ABC, FOX, Hawaii News Now) are in attendance to see deployment of 'Honolulu 311' powered by Rock Solid.

Honolulu Mayor Carlisle's Press Conference Mayor Carlisle's Press Conference (Click to Play)

1:20pm Employees Rejoice

Employees share an internal kudos via email to the leadership and staff:

From: Director of Customer Service

To: Mayor; CIO; Deputy Director of IT; Press Secretary;

CC: Managing Director; Systems Analyst, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor; Planner; Complaints Investigator

Subject: Rock Solid Press Conference Dear Gordon, Forest, Louise, Johnny, and Jim, After Mayor gave his press conference all three media stations came down to CSD (Department of Customer Services) to shoot footage of actual issues. We actually went out on the street and tested the Rock Solid application and came back into the office to bring it up on the Complaints computer and to forward it on to the departments. During the demonstration we actually got a “real” issue reported. Interestingly enough, there were mobile reports coming in while the newscasters were here which they watched how a mobile report was handled and the process in which the staff goes through. The newscasters witnessed first-hand the difference between the phone app and the call-in report and how much time the call-in phone requires. In working with the newscasters and overhearing their conversations with their stations, they were commenting on how great a story this was and how awesome the app was since they saw it in action. Thank you to Diane who stayed with us and helped one of the newscasters go through downloading the app and walking him through it. Also, thank you to the Complaints staff, in demonstrating the process.


1:30pm Happy Users are Happy Customers

The Deputy Director shares his praise with Rock Solid about the employee and press response.

Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 1:21 PM

To: Andrew Kirk; Brendan Piper


Subject: Rock Solid Press Conference Team, Honolulu 311 is going viral. The news teams followed our Director of Customer Service down to her office and watched as her people received City Sourced complaints and logged them. The chatter was deafening. They all called back to their stations and said it’s the coolest thing they had seen. I can almost guarantee we’ll be on every news show tonight. The local Twitter world is also abuzz.

Great job,


Deputy Director Dept. of Information Technology

Honolulu, HI

Press Generated from the Event:

ABC News Report
FOX News Report
Hawaii News Now

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