Rock Solid v1.4 Live in Blackberry App World

Version 1.4 of our Rock Solid Blackberry App (previously CitySourced) is now live and available for download from the App World store! This update greatly improves on the previous BlackBerry experience as well as bringing the BlackBerry app to feature parity with Android and iPhone.

 BlackBerry Splashscreen


Here is what you can expect in your updated BlackBerry app. You can also read more about version 1.4 of our app here. Our Blackberry app supports Blackberry OS 5 (devices from 2009 - 2010) and BlackBerry OS 6+ all devices made from 2011 - present.

Video and Audio

You now can upload videos and audio files that you took in your camera and voice recorder applications.

Audio IconPhotography Icon

Push Notifications

We are leveraging BlackBerry's push notification system to allow users to get live updates of changes to their issues. When there is a change to the status of a reported issue, users will automatically get a push alert.

Our mission statement is to transform civic engagement, and we think this feature is really going to make that happen. Real time alerts will keep residents engaged and aware of how hard you are working for them. We think every time their phone buzzes they feel good about helping clean up their community.

All New Mapping API with Esri Support

Previous versions of the BlackBerry Application didn't allow map views of issues. We have implemented a whole new Map Service so you can use the standard Bing Map tiles or your own Esri tiles similar to Android and iPhone.

Offline Workflow

Offline workflow allows users to create issues and save them for later reporting if they don't have an active Internet connection.

Want Rock Solid in your community? Contact Us for more information and to schedule a demo.

Tell us your thoughts on the new features in the comment section. What would you add? Subtract?

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