3 Reasons Rock Solid Loves Esri UC

We love the Esri International User Conference (UC). It's an amazing event that brings together scientists, data geeks, and business people under one roof, all to focus on GIS.

The Conference kicks off in full swing this week in San Diego. If you're going to be at the conference, here are times and places you can connect with Team Rock Solid (previously CitySourced):

Jason Kiesel flying AR Drone at Esri UC

Here are the top three reasons we love Esri UC:


The power of mapping technology is on full display at the conference. Nearly every industry and form of mapping technology is on display; if it's related to maps, location, and technology, you can see it on display at this event.

As we continue to develop our product for local municipalities, we continue to harness the power of GIS and Esri software.

2. San Diego

While we're an LA-based company, we've got lots of roots in San Diego. Our founder, Jason Kiesel, grew up in San Diego County. We built the San Diego 311 and Escondido Report It apps.

San Diego Harbor

The Convention Center provides an incredible backdrop for the event. Plus, if you're an early riser, you may find our team and friends sneaking away for an early morning surf.

3. The Growing International Footprint

The event brings together an international crowd, which creates an amazing environment for sharing ideas and new technologies.

When we first started participating at Esri UC three years ago, we had a few customers in California. Now that we've expanded to customers across four continents, including Europe, North America, Middle East, and Australia, we're increasingly aware of the challenges and opportunities that exist on the local level around the world. The web brings us together everyday, but nothing beats sitting down face-to-face with our international counterparts.

What do you love about Esri UC event?

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