Rock Solid Mobile Version 2.0 Launched

Since our product launch in 2009, we've come a long way in our journey. We continue to focus on the power of mobile apps to drive services for local government. And we've come a long ways since our app launched back in 2009 - check out these screen shots on iPhone 3G:

Mobile app technology moves fast, and we're constantly seeking to evolve and improve the way citizens interact with their local governments, incorporating cutting edge technology and the ever-changing design landscape. Both our municipal customers and the citizens using our apps have been a huge help in making Rock Solid (previously CitySourced) a success! By listening to our customers and taking their feedback, we're proud to release the latest versions of our native mobile applications and web-based administrative dashboard. This latest release includes improvements and feature updates such as:

Administrative Dashboard ("Console") Improvements

Native Mobile App Improvements

Version 2.0 is a whole new app! We've gone back to the beginning for this update and re-wrote our entire app from scratch, taking advantage of modern frameworks. Along with significant user experience design, speed, and performance enhancements, you can now manage your personal account, including:

  • Change your screen name
  • Update your name & email
  • Upload a profile image
  • Reset your password
  • Manage your address book
  • Subscribe to topic-based messaging
  • Get email & push alerts

What's the Big Deal About "Sensitive" Service Requests?

Contacting the local government about certain things around the neighborhood may scare off a few folks. After all, if you're fed up with the abandoned car next door, you don't exactly want to tell your neighbor you just reported it! Enter the "sensitive" feature. By checking a box during the submission process, the service request submitted will be immediately marked as private and hidden from all public view (and API calls <- geek speak). This can give citizens a little bit more peace of mind when reporting things of a "sensitive" nature, and still have the desired effect - getting that vehicle out of that yard!

When city staff logs in to manage these requests, they don't really see anything different other than the issue is marked as private. Status updates and comments are still communicated back to the citizen who submitted the request and normal workflows remain uninterrupted.

Notification and Messaging Improvements

This latest release includes a full set of notification and messaging upgrades. Citizens can now manage the type of communications they receive as well as how they'd like to receive it. With the inclusion of our new address book, citizens can now get notifications based on location as well as various categories the government agency has set up. The app's new Notification Center allows citizens to keep track of all your inbound messages, including status updates for their submitted service requests. They will also be able to setup message alerts to be delivered via email or PUSH notification - it's all up to the citizen. Put the citizen experience back in their hands!

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