Rock Solid Showcased at Ozri UC 2012 by Partner MapData Services

At the Esri Australia User Conference (Ozri UC) this past week, attendees were given a live demonstration of Rock Solid (previously CitySourced). The Topic “Your GIS dreams are now a reality” was about the evolved mapping applications from a flat 2D environment to powerful GIS solutions.

Cassandra Barker, General Manager of Map Data Services showed how easy it is to use the Rock Solid app. She opened the app on her iPhone, took a picture of an “incident”, confirmed the location and included a short description. Once she pressed submit, the report showed up in the Rock Solid console, ready for the appropriate authorities to action. Cassie highlighted that users can report on anything from noise disturbances, potholes, fallen trees and lost shopping trolleys. Drawing on crowdsourcing principles, the app can be used by anybody with a smartphone, effectively deputizing the entire community in working together towards a common goal.

Rock Solid is proud to be partnering with such a great company. Together, they will be bringing mapping applications to a broader audience and are challenging the traditional boundaries of GIS.

Excellent work by MapData Services!

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