Our Commitment to Applicants

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We currently have several job openings so we knew it was important to communicate what you can expect from us.

To all the job applicants out there, we've all been in your position before. We know what it feels like to put yourself out there and do the work to try to secure a new position. It's not easy! We want to let you know that we're committed to doing the following things to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

1. We'll Always Follow Up

Today, our process works such that we use an applicant tracking system that all potential hires are entered into. We track every interaction in this system across the internal hiring team and with you, the candidate. Our commitment to you is that anyone that applies for a job will always receive a response from us. Even if we never speak to you directly, we will always follow up with you.

One of the aspects we've experienced personally in the past has been submitting a resume online for a job and then never hearing anything back from the company. It's like they ghosted us from the start. It felt almost as if we dropped our resume and application into a black hole that was never seen nor even looked at. That won't be the case at Rock Solid (previously CitySourced).

2. Default to Transparency

We understand that as much as we're evaluating you as an applicant, you're also evaluating us as a company. This is a time where we're both trying to learn as much as possible about each other. Because of that, we want to default to being as transparent about our company as possible.

It doesn't make any sense for us to try and dupe you into thinking that our company or the position that you are applying for is something that it's not. That will just end up in you feeling burned and us losing trust in you right from the start. Therefore as much as possible, we want to be open with you about who we are as a company, our past results, the position you're trying to fill, us as individuals and your future coworkers, our customers, and our financial and equity situation. The more we share with one another in this process, the better opportunity we have to feel like it's a good fit on both sides.

See one of our employees talk about her onboarding experiences with our team here.

3. We Can't Give Feedback

Trust us, we know, this one irks us too. But unfortunately, we live in a very litigious society and providing individualized feedback from hiring managers opens us up to a potential risk that we don't think is wise to do.

We've been there before where we've applied for a job, we feel like the entire process is going great, and we are an amazing fit for the role, only to get a nondescript, generic, bland email letting us know we didn't get the job. It's a total bummer and we hate it.

Unfortunately, there's just not a good alternative to a short email back to applicants to explain why they didn't get the role. Additionally, we're worried about the load it would put on each hiring manager if they needed to schedule individualized meetings and follow-ups with candidates to give them feedback on their application, and we wouldn't want to move fewer candidates forward in the process because of a worry about additional work to create feedback.

This current situation is honestly one that we don't love and that we hope we can continue to grow in the future to find a better way to do it. But, we want to be as honest about what you should expect in this process.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we just want to thank you for even considering working at our company. We believe in what we're doing, in our mission, and in the opportunity in government technology and we hope that this post serves as a way for you to see what kind of company we are. What we've outlined here today is the first of hopefully many commitments that we'll be making to you.

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