Cranbrook, BC Launches 311 Call Center and Civic Mobile App

We are excited to announce the launch of Cranbrook, BC's Mobile App "Cranbrook 311" alongside the City's launch of a new 311 call center. The City of Cranbrook is the 5th municipality in British Columbia to launch. This free app for citizens, developed in partnership, allows residents to report issues such as abandoned bicycles and vehicles, damaged signs, graffiti, illegal dumping, and potholes. Photos and videos can be included with reported issues.

Cranbrook's call volume is approximately 62,000 per year, but residents were having to guess between 10 different phone numbers to contact the city. In an effort to reduce call intake, Cranbrook is implementing a real-time 311 app that will be used by residents to initiate a service request that integrates directly into their Cityworks asset management system.

This new app allows people to report issues quickly and conveniently using their Smartphone, on iPhone or Android. Smartphone capabilities allow for residents to report issues via a photo or video, geo-tag it, and submit it to the city very quickly. The issue is then routed to the appropriate City department for resolution.

The 311 app is a great tool for residents to use to connect with the City for information or requesting services...Another effective tool of the 311 app is to provide push notifications of important City information like road closures, water main breaks or other significant events. - Offical Cranbrook Launch Post

The app can be downloaded from your smartphone store or marketplace by searching for ‘Cranbrook 311’.

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