Important Factors that Affect a Government’s Transformation Strategy


A government transformation strategy relies heavily upon several factors in order to achieve a desired outcome. Citizen engagement efforts compete with disruptive communications from other resources, which means it's even more important to provide citizens with content that matters to them the most. 

Since perception is everything, outdated methodologies may signal to citizens that the local government is ‘behind the times’ or not on-board with putting the community’s best face forward. After all, if it’s embarrassing from them to share government information due to quality, there must be something inherently lacking from current efforts. 

The good news is that government organizations can side-step these unwanted perceptions by consistently applying a comprehensive and cohesive engagement strategy that complies with the need for digital success. Here are a few things to keep in mind while executing an independent strategy: 

  • Make sure that site information is timely and relevant 
  • Train staff members to ensure that maximum results are being produced 
  • Ensure that PR and marketing teams are updating information regularly 
  • Measuring efforts accurately is the most effective way to respond to campaign efficacy 

Consider Using a CRM for Predictable Results 

It’s a lot to manage, without question. Again, it’s critical to bring your efforts together using the systems and tools that allow organizers to efficiently and effectively manage them. Using a citizen relationship management (CRM) software is a one-stop solution to provide citizens with the best experience possible. A robust CRM can

  • Provide open communication between all agency departments 
  • Give accountability through a secure environment  
  • Increase visibility and insight into every complaint, request, or interaction with customers 
  • Integrate and enhance your existing systems 

Final Thoughts and Considerations on Transformation in Government 

Engaged citizens are happy citizens. When a government body deploys the strategies outlined in this guide, it can elevate success far more than improvising and hoping something works out. It’s sporadic for that to happen and is not a viable strategy for long-term reach. Make sure that the organization considers the following procedures when trying to plan for transformation in digital government systems: 

  1. Keep website information timely and relevant. 
  2. Train staff and leaders to manage digital campaigns. 
  3. Update all marketing channels regularly. 
  4. Measure results of campaigns to monitor effectiveness. 
  5. Deploy a CRM that was developed specifically for civic engagement. 

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