What Type of Local Government Superhero Are You?

By: Shannon Donelson

As a kid I always loved watching superhero cartoons. One of my favorites, was Captain Planet. I thought it was so cool how he saved the environment from all of the polluting bad guys of the world.

We see things around our city every day that we don't like, whether it's graffiti in our neighborhood, a pothole, or trash. Wouldn't it be great if we could be the superhero of our town or city?

If You Could be a Local Government Superhero, What Would You Call Yourself?

I would be, Graffiti Girl - defending our neighborhoods from being defaced by spray paint. Luckily for each of us, we can all be local superheroes. Check out this video below:

So download the app, get out there, and be a superhero! Download the Rock Solid app for your smartphone. It's currently available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7!


Note: This article was originally featured on Govloop.



Author Info: Shannon Donelson is a Client Engagement Specialist at GovLoop, the largest online government niche social network.

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