Resolution and Ordinance Numbers Made Easy

The Challenge

When meeting items are voted on and resolved, they are typically assigned an ordinance or resolution number.

Previously those numbers would be managed and tracked outside of the OneMeeting (formerly known as PrimeGov) system, often leaving clerks scrounging for the previous number used to apply it to the item. If the last numbers aren’t readily available, continuity and accurate tracking are at risk!

The Solution

Managing ordinances and resolutions, or any sequential number, is now even simpler with the new ability to manage and apply numbers directly within your OneMeeting meeting management platform.  

Sequential Numbering

Whether your organization assigns completed items “ordinance numbers,” “resolution numbers,” “court order numbers” or another variation, the functionality remains the same. Within OneMeeting, the feature to manage these numbers will be known as Sequential Numbering. 

Sequential Numbering allows organizations to define a numbering system, or counter, using a wide variety of year and month criteria, numbers and more.

Screenshot from PrimeGov's sequential numbering solution

Established counters can then be linked to one or more item types. 

Counters can easily be applied to items in three different ways: 

  1. Manually: When the user selects to apply the number at the pre-meeting page, from the item details or from Live Meeting
  2. Item is Created: Automatically, when the item is created
  3. Successful Vote: Automatically, when a successful vote is taken on the item  
Another screenshot from PrimeGov's sequential numbering solution

Coming Soon

There will be another option to apply sequential numbers released later this summer. Soon counters will be able to be applied in bulk across an entire set of items in a meeting all at once.

Additionally, sequential numbers will soon be able to be removed. An additional option to renumber subsequent entries will also be available so there is not a gap left in the numbering. 

Get Started

Ready to utilize sequential numbering in your OneMeeting platform? Want assistance with your organization’s configuration? Speak with a OneMeeting representative for assistance from our Professional Services team. 

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