Retail: The Mother of all Battles

by Microsoft

The habits of consumption are fastened to a permanent change dynamic. The constant evolution in the communications is immediately replicated in the way consumers buy. The complexity of this new stage is increasing and companies will require sophisticated and efficient solutions to avoid losing competitiveness.

Today, customers practically do not consult the seller. The purchase decision is the result of research made on the web. This panorama changes completely the marketing and sales strategy since the dispute for the market shared has changed: now the key place to inform, argue, persuade and seduce the consumer are the social media.

Whether store sales or virtual ones, the effort must be poured into sources of search that the customers appeal. Management is essential in every nook and cranny of the internet that can influence the sales process. Brands website is a good opportunity to display information, but it is only one of the multiple tools that come into play.

It is important, among other things, to occupy prominent places in the searches initiated from browsers. One of the big keys goes through a rigorous monitoring of what users’ comment, for example, in the forums: listening tools compile what is said for strengths and virtues analysis, and the subsequent action to direct the opinion towards our interests.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a family of solutions that was born from this new rules of the game that become extremely notorious in retail. One of the incomparable advantages is the maximum processing power of the cloud put at the service of “business intelligence” and “personalization of the relationship with customers”. Two crucial pillars at the moment to activate accurate sales.

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