The Swagit Advantage for Your Public Meetings

Rock Solid and Swagit combine

Rock Solid’s OneMeeting (formerly PrimeGov) was created due to a gap in the industry. Municipalities had made the digital transformation leap, automating their agenda management years before, and were looking for more. OneMeeting entered the market to provide an innovative, flexible, and customizable legislative management suite that was also able to integrate with other best-in-breed solutions. There was no need to reinvent the wheel and OneMeeting chose to strategically partner with other industry leaders such as Laserfiche or Onbase for document management, and YouTube or Swagit for live streaming and video recording of public meetings to provide the best end-to-end legislative management solution possible. 

Today, we are proud to announce that Rock Solid has acquired Swagit Productions, allowing us to take our OneMeeting partnership with the industry-leading AV provider to the next level! 


the benefits of swagit 

 Swagit specializes in providing hands-free video streaming and broadcast solutions to government agencies, allowing them to easily stream their own content, circumventing the otherwise complicated, hands-on video industry. They also offer complete remote video production, providing services such as post-production, studio and recording booth sessions.  

Keeping their finger on the pulse of content delivery platforms allows the Swagit team to stay ahead of the latest trends, emerging technology and new avenues of distribution to meet constituents’ technology expectations instead of lagging behind as the public sector is known for.  Swagit’s innovative approach makes them a perfect addition to OneMeeting’s legislative management suite.  

How swagit technology will improve our products

Rock Solid currently offers an integration with Swagit, granting our OneMeeting clients the option of a hands-free video solution, which requires no staff involvement. The Swagit streaming and AV features like real-time captioning support, multi-language translation, and the ability to search by spoken word allows clients to better engage their citizens and sets their solution apart from other providers. With both solutions now under one roof, we will continue to tighten the integration between Swagit and OneMeeting, paving the way for future enhancements that strengthen our legislative management offering as a whole 

The goal of Rock Solid’s entire suite of software solutions for local government, OnePlatform, is to bridge the gap between local government and the community. The addition of Swagit aligns with our laser focus on improving the way that citizens interact with their government.  

We are happy to welcome Swagit to the Rock Solid family and to continue the Swagit mission of meeting and exceeding all the streaming media needs of government.  

Click here to read the press release about the Swagit acquisition, or book a demo to see how Swagit can simplify and improve your public meeting video streaming. 

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