Using Smartphones to Complain to City Hall

Like any motorist, Jason Kiesel hates potholes.

Last year he was frustrated with the process of getting the potholes that kept appearing in his Los Angeles neighborhood repaired. He looked down at his iPhone. "I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if I could take a picture of this pothole and send it directly to someone at city hall?" he says.

Months later, the result is Rock Solid (previously CitySourced), a startup that aims to harness millions of smartphone-wielding urbanites and turn them into the eyes and ears in the never-ending battle against urban blight. Its iPhone application, expected to be approved by Apple (APPL) any day now, promises to make complaining to City Hall as easy as snapping a picture with a cell phone. Applications for the BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems are also in the works and should be available next year.


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