5 Awesome New Rock Solid Features

Version 1.4 of our Rock Solid (previously CitySourced) app is now live for Android and iPhone! This is a major revision with tons of new features, many of which were in direct response to customer input. In addition to the many new features, the entire app received an upgrade under the hood, making Rock Solid faster and more stable. Here are 5 top new features:

 Rock Solid v1.4 App Home Screen


1. Added Media Support

Audio IconPhotography Icon

The most noticeable feature is the added support for more advanced media. Previously, a user could only submit one picture; now we support up to three media items that can be any combination of Photos, Videos, or Audio files.

2. Push Notifications

Our favorite new feature around the office is Push Notifications. Now whenever you
• Receive an Issue
• Update an Issue's Status
• Close an Issue
We automatically send a message to the user letting them know that progress has been made on the app. These free updates arrive when a city posts an update in our custom console or directly from integration with a CRM or ERP solution.

Our mission statement is to transform civic engagement, and we think this feature is really going to make that happen. Real time alerts will keep residents engaged and aware of how hard you are working for them. We think every time their phone buzzes they feel good about helping clean up their community.

Rock Solid 1.4 App Verify Location Screen

3. Verify Your Location

GPS is great; it quickly shows you where the user is located. But, sometimes you need more information specific to the problem location. With this update, we use the GPS to get the first fix but allow the user to manually fine tune it. Users moving their finger a millimeter on the screen can save our cities gas and time driving around a city block.
Rock Solid v1.4 App Personal Settings Screen

4. Contact Information
We now include the opportunity for users to submit a name and e-mail. The first issue a user sends they are required to fill in his/her personal details which are saved for later submissions.

Users can edit this information at anytime from the new Settings Screen, found in the More Tab. Users can also opt to send all issues anonymously from this setting screen. We wanted to encourage users to add these details while at the same time giving them an option to continue to report anonymously.

5. Offline Workflow
Until now our application (like almost all smartphone applications) has required an active Internet connection. We removed the need for this completely. This is great for rural areas, urban canyons, and emergency situations. No longer will your residents get frustrated with a "loading" screen. They grab the picture label it and save it to submit later while waiting in line for their latte.

Want Rock Solid in your community? Contact Us for more information and to schedule a demo.

Tell us your thoughts on the New Features in the comment section. What would you Add? Subtract?

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