WEBINAR BANNER How Dublin, OH Supports Citizen Engagement With Technology

How Dublin, OH Supports Citizen Engagement With Technology

When life upends, people look local for support. The pandemic compelled citizens to turn to city government for news, rules, and information at extraordinary rates. To meet the needs of their community, the city of Dublin, Ohio tapped into technology to engage effectively and deliver critical information to residents.

Join Robert Taylor, Infrastructure Asset Management Engineer at the City of Dublin, Lindsay Weisenauer, Public Affairs Officer at the City of Dublin, and Andrew Kirk, Director of Engagement at Rock Solid Technologies to learn how Dublin incorporated technology into its initiatives during peak COVID‐19 times and beyond. You’ll learn the city’s tactics, strategies, and how lessons learned will apply to future citizen engagement initiatives.

Watch the on-demand recording to hear:

  • How COVID-19 impacted citizen engagement in Dublin
  • How to use new and existing technology to communicate critical information
  • How mobile has emerged as a scalable and popular tool for bidirectional communication and citizen service