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Message from Ángel L. Pérez, Rock Solid partner and vice president 

For many years Rock Solid Technologies (RST), as well as other organizations located in Puerto Rico, have faced serious difficulties hiring the Information Technology (IT) professionals we need.  Throughout all these years, RST has promoted and performed different activities to address this problem.  Some examples of these activities are: establishing close ties with universities offering IT programs, sponsoring semester and summer internships, and awarding scholarships to qualified students.   


At the same time, and also for many years, Prof. Arnaldo I. Ramos-Torres, has been addressing this situation through his professional, research and publishing activity.  Among other things, he has collected data on the supply and demand of IT graduates in Puerto Rico, as well as on the accreditation of local IT academic programs.  He has also researched and published on relevant topics like IT skills, assessment approaches and educational strategies for IT programs.


More recently, we both joined efforts with other organizations, like the Puerto Rico IT Cluster, Fusionworks, the IAMCP Puerto Rico Chapter and Truenorth, to make people aware of this situation and to propose activities to address it.  One of these activities is the creation of a web site with information, strategies and products to promote the development of the Information Technology (IT) professionals that Puerto Rico needs. 


We welcome you to this site, and we hope you find it interesting and useful.

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