We provide the best mobile citizen experience

Rock Solid OneLink mobile citizen experience brings citizens to a single place for all service and information requests. OneLink is one mobile app, and one seamless experience to extend local government past city hall.


local government

Rock Solid has 25 years of experience helping local governments. The result is a purpose-built platform that works in your world and for your citizens.


to make life easy

Rock Solid simplifies how local governments work. Easy to implement and intuitive to use, our (Microsoft Dynamics-based) platform lets you focus on engaging your citizens, not managing your systems.


working together

Rock Solid is a technology and innovation partner who shares your vision: providing better experiences, and building better places to live.

One place for citizens and local governments to engage.

Our goal is to help citizens and local governments work as one.

Deliver one app


Bring citizens to one location for answers, and encourage engagement by offering the kind of modern, mobile experience they expect.

One experience


Our customizable, configurable app lets you represent your brand, create forms and fields that work for you and your citizens, and encourage engagement.

Unify their options


Let citizens serve themselves through an intuitive apps platform.

Deliver one voice


Inform citizens proactively, and keep them informed of status updates or mass notifications in real-time.

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