ONEVIEW Civic Engagement CRM Platform

Our full-featured constituent relationship manager (CRM) for government entities acts as a centralized hub for every citizen engagement.

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Connecting City Leaders and Residents with Technology

OneView lets you see how and why your residents interact with you and brings your departments together to address their needs. Configurable through specialized modules and paired with the OneLink mobile app, the CRM platform provides one complete solution for constituent case management and engagement.

Powerful Workflow Automation

Design workflows, automate processes, and integrate with existing systems to decrease training time and maximize efficiency.


Efficient Case Management

Manage any request and ensure effective and fast resolution of issues across all citizen-facing departments.

OneView Dashboard - Whitelabel

Effective Omni-Channel Communication

Engage your citizens on the channels they already use. Receive consolidated information to address their issues.

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Our configurable solution for mobile citizen engagement creates seamless connections between residents and local government. Empower your residents, communicate with ease, and manage every interaction with information that flows directly into your CRM.

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Integrate with Your Existing Tools

The OneView civic engagement platform seamlessly integrates with 50+ industry-leading products to improve efficiency no matter how your city works.

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A Trusted Microsoft Partner

OneView unlocks the power of Microsoft Dynamics and Azure. As a Gold Partner with over 25 years of local government experience, Rock Solid is one of Microsoft’s preeminent partners building software solutions to serve the public sector.

Why OneView?

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Informed View for Leaders

See how and why citizens interact with you and bring departments together to address their needs.


Seamless User Experience

Bring your citizens to a single place for every engagement —not ten.


Dedicated Community Partner

Our team understands the needs of local government. We will grow with you from implementation and beyond.


OneView Packages

  Essentials Enterprise
OneLink Mobile aPaaS Yes Yes
Web Admin Console Yes Yes
Cloud Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Contact Management Standard Standard
Out-of-the-Box Integrations 1 1
Automated Escalations - Yes
Single Sign-On (SSO) - Yes
Full Suite of REST/JSON APIs - Yes
Field Optimized HTML5 App - Yes


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