Streamline empowers local government leaders to solve common operational agency challenges with an easy to implement business process automation platform. Learn more about how Streamline's versatility quickly brings efficiency to your processes today.

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Streamline eliminates the complexity of automating business processes because its baseline building blocks account for 80% of the automation local governments commonly rely on. Applying your organization's unique requirements to these building blocks allows us to quickly round out the remaining 20% of your unique processes and workflows.


Baseline Building Blocks Include


Workflow Builder

Configure or develop custom workflows and attach them to any record type



Enable event based or time based notifications via email or text messaging

File Manager-2

File Manager

Document generation, upload, preview, download and storage.

Dashboard Creator

Dashboard Insights

Predefined and custom PowerBI dashboards provide actionable insights

Public Portal Builder

Public Portal Access

For external users (i.e. residents), to access and submit data/info.

Payment Manager

Payment Manager

Automate invoicing & electronic payments.


Partner with Your Existing Systems

Often time, local governments struggle with seemingly small limitations of their existing systems, but these small limitations can lead to larger organizational inefficiencies. Streamline integrates with your current systems to unlock the full potential of your tools without the need to fully replace existing software.


With over 20 years of dedicated public-sector experience, we understand how local governments operate. That's why Streamline comes packed with out-of-the-box features designed to make your staffs life a little easier.

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How Can Streamline Help You?

With hundreds of possible applications for local government, Streamline can resolve almost any common process challenge. These are a few of the most common examples used by government agencies:

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Speed to Resolution

On a deadline? Streamline's powerful combination of flexibility and the ability to partner into common local government software systems make implementation quick, easy, and cost-effective. Regardless of the type of project you're looking to complete, we can improve processes to enrich the quality of life for government staff and your residents in a matter of weeks. 

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