HOT! A mobile platform moved Hurst from chaos to efficiency. Get the Definitive Guide to Civic Smartphone Apps.
Faster Response Times at Lower Cost

Hurst significantly reduced the time, labor, and costs required to resolve issues submitted by citizens.

Better Citizen Interactions

Hurst's new app provides real-time updates to residents on their requests, building citizen trust and establishing two-way communication.

Increased Data Visibility

Better decisions start with better data. Previously unseen insights include average days to resolution, most common request types, and more.

Your Municipality Can Reduce the Chaos and Put Citizens First

Municipalities are taking advantage of technology to cultivate meaningful interactions between community residents and their leaders.

Working with Rock Solid allowed Hurst to streamline workflows and resource allocation, make data-driven decisions, and put citizens first. 


rapid time to value

Reduce Costs

to under $0.60 per transaction


better features, less development

One App, One Platform

combined services for efficiency

How Hurst, TX Conquered Their Citizen Chaos

Prior to launching their advanced mobile platform, there were two methods of submitting a service request to the city. Both methods were highly inadequate, and both required a lot of resources that could have been utilized for other priorities. What did it take to revolutionize operations?

You'll learn how Hurst, TX:

  • Improved their response times
  • Built better interactions for customers
  • Met customer service expectations
  • Selected a partner built for growth
  • Started real-time communication with citizens