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Faster Response Times

Hurst was able to reduce the time it took to resolve issues submitted from citizens and reduce the cost associated.

Better Interactions for Citizens

Previous inadequate methods of engaging with citizens put frustration on the process, the citizens and business.

Visibility into Metrics

After launching Hurst was able to visualize data that was previously unseen, driving better decisions based on data.

Your Municipality Can Be More Efficient and Build Better Engagements

Municipalities that are preparing for the future have started to use technology to address issues that could only previously be faced in-person or through an out-dated ‘pen and paper’ process.

Hurst quickly realized that it would make their jobs easier, increase the speed of delivering services and improve the experiences of their customers.


with a quick 4 phased approach

Reduce Costs

per transaction


what you need now

A Single App

combine your services in one app

See How Hurst, TX Tackled Their Citizen Chaos

Prior to launching their advanced mobile platform, there were two methods of submitting a service request to the city. Both methods were highly inadequate, and both required a lot of resources that could have been utilized for other priorities.

You'll learn how Hurst, TX:

  • Improved their response times
  • Built better interactions for customers
  • Met customer service expectations
  • Selected a partner built for growth
  • and started communication in real-time with customers