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311 Call Center System

We help local governments and municipalities provide essential citizen services such as answering inquiries, processing claims, and handling complaints using one centralized hub of information.

A transparent and convenient system provides access to citizen services, day or night

Your citizens will have 24/7 access to your services so they won’t need to wait to submit an inquiry or request. Our simple and customizable interface allows government employees to create case management automation workflows for better processes.

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track request screenshot
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What is Mobile 311?

Mobile 311 brings the services provided by a county or city government’s non-emergency phone systems to citizens’ smartphones. Residents can access information about services, submit service requests, and report issues from a mobile app. A 311 mobile app moves your municipality's centralized call system into the 21st century.


The OneView Civic Engagement platform includes a knowledge base that city and county leaders can use to share resources and articles with constituents via the web, email, and other digital channels.

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Manage and automate service requests

Our centralized system facilitates information sharing across departments, allowing local governments to distribute service requests quickly and efficiently to the appropriate department.

"The [Rock Solid] app is also helping unify city departments. Some employees even use the app to report issues they find for other departments while they are out in the city."
Justin Cure
Justin Cure Information Services Manager, City of Longview

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