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We help community leaders implement effective, efficient software infrastructures that foster meaningful interaction and engagement with citizens.

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The biggest challenge we had in the municipality was the volume of service requests. Now with OneView, we can streamline all services requests to effectively manage them. One of the benefits of OneView is the statistical reports it provides. With this data, we can identify the most common requests and needs of our citizens. This helps us determine the assistance we need to give. We are currently working with a 94% effectiveness rate. Before OneView, we could not measure or quantify this outcome.
Director of Municipal Citizen Services Northern Municipality of Puerto Rico

Civic engagement platforms facilitate access to services and resources

Local governments that are able to efficiently respond to citizen requests (and complaints) and streamline the allocation of government services are the most successful.

That’s why communities around the world rely on configurable citizen management systems from Rock Solid Technologies.


ONEVIEW is our robust back-office citizen management system for local government leaders to coordinate and benchmark citizen engagement.

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Manage citizen services using mobile technology

ONELINK, our end-user counterpart to ONEVIEW, allows individual citizens to directly connect with their leaders using the devices they already own.

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