FOIA Request Software

With OneRequest by Rock Solid Technology, local governments can manage the records and FOIA request process with ease, reduce time-consuming tasks around records storage and retention, stay compliant, and address audits.

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FOIA software for managing requests
Public Portal Builder-1

Online File Portal



Automated Workflow Routing

File Manager-1

Secure File Management

Superior End-to-End Process Automation

Give your residents and staff the tools and automated processes they need to easily access public documents online, with the ability to automate workflows for less common requests on the backend with out-of-the-box components.


Make commonly requested records available online, in a simple self-serve portal that can also facilitate requests for all public records.

Home page for streamline FOIA request manager.
Streamline database for managing FOIA requests.

workflows automate the work

When requests are received, workflows automatically assign the request to the correct user or department and automated emails remind users of incomplete tasks.


Easily oversee the records request process with at-a-glance dashboards and in-depth reporting to better understand request insights including count, processing time, bottlenecks and more.

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Streamline dashboard for managing records requests.
Secure and compliant software.

Compliant & Secure

Maintain compliance with regulations and laws with in-depth reporting and audit trails. Built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, your Streamline data is secured using encryption, protocols, and algorithms overseen by 3,500 security employees and over $1 Billion in investment every year. 

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