On-Demand Webinar

Top 9 Citizen engagement trends for local government leaders

As public sector employees continue to navigate an everchanging civic engagement landscape, it’s imperative to stay up with new trends to keep constituents and city staff empowered and engaged.

In our webinar, we tackle the top 9 Trends in citizen Engagement for 2023 where we will explore how public sectors can use trends to strategize their civic engagement planning and find inventive ways to create meaningful interactions for both public sector staff and constituents. Featuring new trends and real examples of how your peers are utilizing the trends to serve their communities, this is a webinar that local government change-makers won’t want to miss.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the 9 Trends in Citizen Engagement for 2023

  • Gain valuable insight into how your peers are strategizing communication planning while incorporating new civic engagement trends

  • Find opportunities for enhanced civic engagement within existing processes to uplift your community