We Propose...

To contribute to the previously stated situation, not just by documenting it, but by performing specific activities like the following:

1. Main computing disciplines
Identifying, and comparing the main computing disciplines to help people interested in these disciplines making more informed decisions.
2. IT skills inventory
Defining the characteristics for the desired supply of entry-level IT professionals to provide a common reference for students, professors, colleges, student advisors, parents, and other interested parties.
3. Assessing academic programs
Assessing the extent to which current computing academic programs are supporting the characteristics for entry-level IT professionals.
4. High-Impact educational practices
Promoting the use of High Impact Educational Practices to make the teaching-learning process more effective, efficient and interesting.
5. Accreditation of IT academic programs
Promoting the accreditation of IT academic programs to evidence the quality of these programs.
6. Dissemination and validation of products and strategies. 
Disseminating the previous products and/or strategies so that they can be reviewed and used by interested parties.
The following sections will expand on the previous activities.
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