Welcome to this new section of our site. Its main objective is to contribute to the development of the Information Technology (IT) professionals that Puerto Rico needs. These professionals are required to make our organizations more effective, efficient and competitive, and also to promote Information Technology as an important economic development pillar in Puerto Rico.  We plan to achieve our objective through specific actions, like providing relevant information, identifying and promoting strategies, providing services, and conducting other related activities.

In general, here you will find information about the difficulties faced by employers when recruiting IT personnel, the actions that we propose to address this situation, and the implementation of these actions.  More specifically, you will find data on the demand for IT personnel, as estimated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics together with the Puerto Rico Department of Labor, and the supply of IT graduates, as published by the National Center for Education Statistics.  You will also find information on the skills required by employers for entry-level IT candidates, as well as on important educational topics, like experiential learning, accreditation, and program assessment. The characteristics of the different computing disciplines are also included, so that interested persons can make informed decisions on which particular computing discipline to address or to focus on. 

We hope visitors find this section interesting and useful.  We plan to frequently update it with new resources, as well as with modifications to the existing resources.  We very much welcome constructive remarks regarding its current contents, as well as recommendations for new contents.  Regarding this, you may contact Prof. Arnaldo I. Ramos-Torres at

Site contents provided by Prof. Arnaldo I. Ramos-Torres.

According to the 2015 edition of The Global Information Technology Report (GITR) by The World Economic Forum, “The Information and Communication Technologies revolution holds the potential of transforming economies and societies and of addressing some of the most pressing global challenges of our time.” (GITR 2015).  The 2016 edition of this report states that, “The future of countries, businesses, and individuals will depend more than ever on whether they embrace digital technologies.” (GITR 2016)

Puerto Rico must firmly promote the use of Information Technology to make its organizations, public or private, for-profit or not-for-profit, more effective, efficient and competitive.  To do this, we should encourage organizations to dedicate a larger share of their budget to innovate through the use of IT products and services.  Puerto Rico must also promote Information Technology as an important economic development pillar by itself.  And to do so, we should encourage the development, implementation and support of new products and services, which constitute intellectual property that could be marketed locally and also exported.


To attain the two previous goals, several important conditions must be met, one of the most important being the availability of the required personnel.  To get the most benefits from the goals, these personnel must be locally developed, as importing it significantly reduces the benefits that could be obtained, besides increasing its cost.

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