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Municipal Collections Management

Collecting revenue is one of the biggest financial challenges governments face. Public entities must efficiently manage revenue processes while still complying with regulatory agencies and accounting laws. Municipal leaders rely on Rock Solid’s revenue collections management system to facilitate these necessary processes for better service and better relationships with their citizens.

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Enabling municipalities to efficiently manage revenue collection

INGRESYS© is a cloud-based municipal collections management software offering from Rock Solid Technologies. Developed in Microsoft Dynamics GP, a mid-market business accounting software, our collections management system is fully compliant with all the major regulatory requirements in the United States and Latin America.



INGRESYS© allows us to know if our budget projections are being met and in what areas we need to improve
Mayor of a Municipality of the East of Puerto Rico


INGRESYS© streamlines all collection processes and improves services to constituents.


Intuitive Form Generation

Data-driven form generation for collections and business license processes.


Accurate Revenue Tracking

Instant and accurate report generation for payments received on Revenue and Use Tax.


Greater Visualization of Revenues

Manages integration of registered transactions through the COFIM portal and bank branches.


Simplified Closing and Deposit Process

List receipts per collector and bank account, facilitating daily deposit processes.

Additional Benefits

Our INGRESYS© software solution enables governments to efficiently handle and manage all aspects of revenue collection procedures.


Automatic calculations

Save time by calculating penalties and interest with ease.


Streamlined documentation

Improve processes for transaction entry, reports, patents, and construction taxes.


Administrative efficiency

Eliminate duplication of processes reducing work efforts.


Regulatory compliance

Complies with regulatory requirements of Puerto Rican municipalities.


Simplified system interfacing

Fully integrated with all the financial subsystems of the SIMA© solution.


Collection organization

Manage the collection of special contributions and miscellaneous revenues.

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