Process Automation for Public Sector

STREAMLINE© can be customized to meet the most specific agency requirements without a huge investment. Its component-based architecture allows organizations the flexibility to scale platform usage by enabling components based on their needs.

Work quickly with a workflow engine

STREAMLINE© has a workflow engine that allows your entity to configure processes quickly and reliably. Using our platform to unify processes and automate workflows results in greater operational efficiency, reduced administrative costs, and improved service to the public.

“With Streamline, the Electoral Comptroller Office of Puerto Rico was able to go through a 50% reduction in personnel during a fiscal crisis while increasing productivity by over 500%. Without it this was simply not possible.”
Walter Vélez Martínez Electoral Comptroller of Puerto Rico
contemporary-office-meeting-with-laptop Streamline ing

Proven Platform for Public Sector

Our platform enables process automation and has the flexibility to adapt and improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization. STREAMLINE© is adaptable to the needs of different government entities including Consumer Affairs, Courts, the Department of Education, and many other agencies in the public sector.

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