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Accounting for Municipalities

Our municipal accounting software helps local governments with core accounting, financial planning, budgeting, human resource services, and payroll, so they can focus on building stronger relationships with their community.

Unify your workflows and eliminate administrative overhead of multiple systems

Local governments often use multiple systems for finances and human resources. Our technology allows city and county leaders to employ one intuitive software solution for accounting, finance, and human resources while maintaining up-to-date records securely. This user-friendly and configurable platform helps municipalities maximize time and resources while maintaining compliance with US and Latin American accounting laws.

"The most important benefits we have had with SIMA is that we can integrate all the financial data providing us with real-time information about the economic assessment of the municipality. Furthermore, we have maximized the resources of the municipality – for instance, the bank reconciliation process, which used to take three weeks to do it is now done in one or one and a half days."
Mayor Northern Puerto Rico Municipality

Gain data-driven insights with our government financial software

With SIMA enterprise resource planning, city and county leaders have end-to-end visibility to make more accurate data-driven decisions for their community. Using our technology to unify financial process automation and workflows promotes better operational efficiency, reduced overhead costs, and improved service to the public.

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