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Online Payments Tool

Revenue collection is essential for local governments and municipalities. But finding a solution that allows flexibility, accessibility, and streamlines current processes can be difficult. Rock Solid Technologies’ online payment tool offers a simplified solution for revenue collections that maximizes efficiency and provides a better experience for citizens.

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Municipal revenue collections made easy

Our VIRTUAL COLLECTOR© government software offering allows municipalities to manage their collections procedures online, significantly reducing time spent and processing costs. City and county leaders can drive operational efficiency with a flexible solution that is available 24/7.

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VIRTUAL COLLECTOR© offers a number of features specifically designed for municipalities managing financial transactions.

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Data Repository

A central repository for data allows Virtual Collector to store all transactions in one place.

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Online Registration

Citizens and merchants can request and register licenses online.

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Transaction History

The data repository also allows merchants to view the history for each transaction.

Additional Benefits

Our VIRTUAL COLLECTOR© software solution gives local governments greater flexibility, significantly reducing the time taken to perform revenue collection transactions.

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Intuitive form generation

Easily generate Business Volume Declaration and Extension forms.

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Report Creation

Create multiple types of administrative reports.

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Enabled Notifications

Send notifications for proof of payment or for printing in PDF format.

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Facilitate Authenticity

Utilize QR Codes in business licenses and certifications.

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Streamlined Processes

Eliminate redundant steps in the collections process and improve operational efficiency.

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Greater Flexibility

Offer various ways for merchants to manage their collections activities.

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Reduced Costs

Lower administrative and operational costs via online transactions.

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Unlimited Accessibility

Online access is available 24/7 for merchants and citizens.

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