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Inspections, Licensing, and Permits

Our permitting, licensing, and inspections software gives local governments complete, secure visibility into the status of applications and unifies records for both citizens and facilities management.

Streamline Workflows with Automation

Municipalities and local governments can easily generate invoices, receive payments online, and automatically deliver permits in-person and online with our citizen management system (CRM). The software also allows inspectors to perform inspections, manage requests, and conduct evaluations all on their mobile devices, even when they’re offline.

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Work Anywhere With ONEVIEW

No internet or cellular connection? No problem. Inspectors can use OneView to perform inspections offline and sync their work cases with the main system when they are reconnected.

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Innovative accessibility built for mobile

Citizens can apply for permits or licenses in person or online by uploading documents, including attachments. Once approved, they can easily print permits and licenses directly from the portal or receive them via email.

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