Citizen Alert System

From local events to important updates, regular connection is a critical part of citizen engagement. Keep your community informed with messaging on the platforms they already use with Rock Solid’s Citizen Alert system.

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Share what matters to your community

Rock Solid allows you to push messages from one platform to citizens’ mobile, email, and SMS. Keep residents informed of updates that are important to them on a range of topics.


Local Events



Public Health


Roadworks and Closures


Holiday Service Disruptions


Parks and Recreation


Community News

“Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, information on the state and local level was changing rapidly. The messaging feature allowed the City of Pocatello to pass along relevant updates quickly to citizens. Now, we utilize the feature to forward on daily case count updates from our local public health district and other pertinent updates surrounding the pandemic.”

-Logan McDougall , Public Information Office  |  City of Pocatello, Idaho





Drive engagement and communication directly from your CRM

Citizen messaging doesn’t require separate software. Push messages, maintain resident contact data, and track results from within the easy-to-use Messaging portal of your Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) system to keep data secure.

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Messaging as Mobile as Your Residents

Messages on mobile should come from the same app your residents use for other civic engagements. ONELINK serves as your city’s citizen alert app and user-friendly mobile home base, where citizens can both send and receive messages.

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The right time, the right place, the right message

Local government alerts and communications require a flexible platform to send timely messages that resonate. Rock Solid gives you full control over communication with sends by geolocation, opt-in topics and lists, responsive bilingual messaging, and more.

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