Meeting Management

Real-time tool provides a single interface to manage all aspects of the public meeting process.

Handle Your Meeting Management Processes with Ease



Create all pre-meeting, during, and post-meeting documents seamlessly.




Capture timestamps, roll call, minutes, motions, votes, and actions quickly and easily during a meeting.



Compile, upload, and publish meeting documents in HTML and PDF formats.

Get Started the Right Way

Seamlessly manage your pre-meeting, during meeting, and post-meeting activities with a single interface.

Live Meeting Support

  • Automate minutes data entry with quick motion capability.
  • Hot keys functionality: automatically insert text with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Capture roll call, minutes, votes, and actions quickly and easily.
  • Manage speaker lists, facilitate public comments, and automatically time speakers.
  • Virtual meeting support via Zoom integrations.

Minutes Generation

  • Complete 90% of your minutes during the meeting, with links back to the video archive for every agenda item.
  • Customized templates to retain existing look and feel.
  • Automatic generation and inclusion of required content captured during the live meeting.


  • Live video streaming with timestamps to produce an indexed video recording.
  • Public meeting display to share active item, motion, vote, and speaker information.
  • Full 1080p HD video capability included standard.
  • Small, non-proprietary encoder hardware.
  • Next-day closed captioning at no additional cost.
  • Fully responsible multibit rate video player.

Public Meeting Portal

  • Upcoming meeting details and documents.
  • Historical record of meetings including links to videos.
  • Full text search of indexed meeting videos and supporting documents.
  • Advanced search parameters.
  • Seamlessly embed into existing site.

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