What Citizens Want 2022: The Newest Citizen-Centric Engagement Data

Does your city know how its constituents want to interact with various local government services?

Rock Solid Technologies surveyed citizens nationally in 2022 to discover insights on citizens' preferences for accessing local government services, and we have the newest data to drive informed decisions for local governments.

Additionally, we have data from previous years to see how trends in citizens' preferences have changed and if local governments have made improvements in resident engagement.

One notable change is 62.8% of people said they were very satisfied or satisfied with local government access, a jump of nearly 7% from 2020.

About the Research

This survey of 957 U.S. adults was conducted by Rock Solid Technologies to understand preferences for and opinions of the accessibility of Local Government services. This research was conducted in 2021-2022. Additional details on respondent demographics are included in the full report.

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