Trophy Club, TX Improves Its Agenda Compilation Process To Save Time And Increase Efficiency

Trophy Club was using a legacy Agenda Management system that had not been updated since being implemented over 10 years earlier. Converting to Rock Solid's OneMeeting Agenda & Meeting Management solution (formerly known as PrimeGov) improved efficiencies during agenda creation, centralized their disparate process around managing boards and commissions, and eliminated customer support headaches.

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Ongoing support issues and slower agenda compiling due to an inefficient agenda management solution

Trophy Club, TX is a premier North Texas residential community, acknowledged multiple times as one of the best places to live in Dallas–Fort Worth. When Leticia Vacek assumed the role of Town Governance Officer / Town Secretary, she found a legacy Agenda Management system weighing down staff instead of helping ease the burden of their agenda creation process. In fact, the legacy on premise agenda management system had not been updated since its implementation in 2009.

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Compiling agendas was at least a 30 minute process and publishing another half hour. Departments were “submitting” agenda items via email, though staff rarely received the full view on the first go and would spend too much time properly adding the agenda item and searching their inbox to find the correct and corrected email(s) to update the agenda.

Assistance from the legacy system’s support team was inconsistent, with answering reps often lacking the knowledge to offer meaningful support and failing to follow up on callbacks.

As the former San Antonio City Clerk of 16 years, Leticia knew that better, more user-friendly solutions existed in the market. She said, “we are moving forward!” and started the vetting process for a new system.


Leticia set up demos with three different companies, letting each know Trophy Club was looking for newer infrastructure, elimination of steps and calls, and an overall user-friendly system to improve efficiencies in their agenda creation process. She focused on agenda item submissions, wanting each department to submit complete agenda items, including attachments, as well as accessibility from mobile devices.

Leticia included various users in the vetting process to ensure that those using the system could share their likes and dislikes for her consideration. In the end, the decision came down to pricing and necessary features, and the town chose to walk away from one system that charged for each feature addition, which quickly blew their budget.

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Gone are the days of chasing directors for incomplete agenda item submissions or having to hunt for the correct versions!

With OneMeeting Agenda Management, department directors submit their agenda items via the custom, templated forms.

To test the new OneMeeting process, Leticia challenged each director to submit an agenda item and provide feedback. The person she thought would be the last to try and would have the most difficulty submitted their agenda item first and affirmed a smooth and uncomplicated process. With that feedback, Leticia knew that everyone else would be ok as well.

Trophy Club Agenda Item Submission Form

Leticia also saw the changeover as an excellent opportunity to consolidate and streamline their boards and commissions management with OneMeeting's integrated Committee Manager module.

They were juggling applications in their website software, terms and logistics in various spreadsheets, and emails with other communications in their inboxes. When board appointment renewals were due annually, you can imagine the challenge of digging through such disarray for the correct information.

OneMeeting's Committee Manager manages everything boards & commissions related in one centralized location. The Committee Manager solution provides Leticia, each Council Member, and even the public, to access committee information while increasing transparency and access to committee information on the town’s website. In regard to customer support, “I will tell you this is the best customer service we have ever received,” Leticia expressed. “Every time we have a question we reach out. Support is very reliable, timely and always has an answer. Even if the answer is no, it is nice to understand. If I could give everyone I have worked with at Rock Solid a raise, I would.”

Trophy Club Committee Manager
Trophy Club Agenda Item Submission Form Trophy Club Committee Manager
Leticia Vacek
I will tell you this is the best customer service we have ever received.
Leticia Vacek Town Governance Officer / Town Secretary at Trophy Club, TX


Trophy Club now has a more efficient way to create agendas and manage their boards and commissions.
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Trophy Club now manages their boards and commissions in one consolidated system, eliminating the time consuming work of shuffling through 2 applications to locate the correct information in the proper version.

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Each department's director is now truly responsible for their own agenda items and can easily submit completed items via online forms.

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No more customer support headaches: The support team is very responsive and addresses questions and concerns in a timely manner, making Rock Solid feel like a true solution partner.

Implementing OneMeeting as our agenda management system is the most recent and best accomplishment I've done for Trophy Club.
Leticia Vacek Town Governance Officer / Town Secretary at Trophy Club, TX
Leticia Vacek

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