How Ventura County Eliminated Support Headaches and Improved the Efficiency of its Agenda Management Processes

The Ventura County meeting management software was falling apart and was limited in its usability. With Rock Solid's OneMeeting meeting management solution, Ventura county was able to solve these problems and customize their system for their needs.

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John Lin

John Lin is an IT manager for the County of Ventura and manages the technology for several of Ventura County's departments, including the Board of Supervisors and the
County Executive Office.



When John started working at Ventura County seven years ago, the agenda management system was falling apart. The system got acquired by a new company, which discontinued any new development. John felt that the software had its limitations; it had poor usability and was non-intuitive.

John and his team decided to look at alternative solutions. Even after researching and putting off the decision for years, the systems they saw did not provide the functionality they needed. Also, with most vendors being such large companies, John sensed that the agenda product would not get the desired focus for continuous improvement.

Ventura County
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Ventura County, California, United States

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County of Ventura, California
The Board of Supervisors meetings are the most
visible meetings with the most public participation.
When a meeting does not go well for technical reasons,
it impacts business. It feels like the technical well-being
of the meeting represents my professionalism, and
ultimately this is reflective of my career.
John Lin IT Manager | County of Ventura

The problems they encountered did not end with the agenda software. Ventura County’s live meetings were unstable due to their vendor’s video streaming platform. There were frequent glitches, causing issues in at least every other board meeting. “When I say frequently, at one point it was every two meetings, we would have hiccups during our meeting,” said John, "Just having one hiccup during a meeting stresses out everyone." 



He noted that, "For years, our vendor’s support procedure required emailing them the problem. When I have a problem with a live meeting and you're getting back to me 24 hours later, your customer service is useless to me.” And this issue wasn’t just a problem in Ventura County; John expressed
that, “this story repeats all across California.”

Ventura County Challenges Before OneMeeting


The Power of Pure Partnership

OneMeeting helps optimize Ventura County's agenda management process with its single end-to-end cloud-based solution. There was minimal time investment on John and his team's part during implementation. Ventura county eliminated its video streaming headaches and consistent issues with our seamless video streaming module. John felt relieved, comforted, and impressed by the proactive nature of our always-on support team.

OneMeeting has heard complaints like Ventura County’s, from clerks and IT leaders in cities and counties around the country: the other options out there aren’t well supported or innovative. The current software solutions in the market are bulky from decades of piecemeal development due to a lack of focus from the product teams.

That is what drove OneMeeting's founders to establish a new solution for the local government: one that focused on and was responsive to its users and constituents and created a streamlined and innovative solution. OneMeeting sets itself apart, focusing on the clerk's office and its personal, proactive customer service and support. Our team's dedication shines through every step of customer interaction, from initial demonstrations to training to software updates.

OneMeeting provides a turnkey public meeting solution, virtually or on-site.

Most counties, big or small, do not have a large budget for custom agenda management solutions. OneMeeting's turnkey solution is functional and more affordable than custom-developed platforms. Plus, since there aren’t any hidden fees, Ventura County could put its money where it is needed most.

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OneMeeting Product Benefits

“We needed a product that our users embrace and find efficient, where they don’t need to call IT for support. They need to be able to understand what’s going on with an agenda item, where it’s at, and they need to know how to move their process onto the next step with ease,” said John. “Your product nailed that. The way you guys built it, you guys knew how the clerks think [...]

I felt that we had a light at the end of the tunnel when we found you, so I’m thankful we have found you.”

About OneMeeting By Rock Solid Technology

OneMeeting, formerly known as PrimeGov, empowers local governments to optimize and digitize their agenda, meeting, and committee management processes with a single end-to-end cloud-based solution. With OneMeeting, you can seamlessly host hybrid meetings with remote voting capabilities, therefore, saving time, increasing efficiency, and promoting transparency with your constituents.


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