On-Demand Webinar

What COVID-19 Teaches Cities About Working Through Disruption

About the Webinar

As cities transition from COVID-19 crisis mode to recovery, new challenges are emerging. Surges in citizen service demand linger, and work-from-home scenarios for some government employees are becoming permanent. These shifting circumstances mean it’s more important than ever for local governments to use technology that’s flexible, scalable, and allows for adjustment to potentially disruptive situations while continuing to engage with residents.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted by Government Technology, experts from GovTech and Rock Solid explore how local governments can ensure they are better prepared to handle future disruptions.

You’ll hear:

  • How cloud-based platforms can enable better citizen communication, engagement, and service even when city employees are remote
  • How to improve operational efficiency across your organization and generate insights that encourage data-driven decisions
  • How to make core government functions more seamless and efficient despite higher service demands

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