eCourse: Enabling Digital Transformation in Local Government

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dig·it·al trans·for·ma·tion


The adoption of digital technology to transform government, services, or businesses, through replacing manual and non-digital processes with digital processes. Digital solutions may enable efficiency, innovation, and creativity.


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Digital Transformation Ecourse serving communities

Why digital transformation is critical for serving diverse communities


Digital Transformation Ecourse technology

Strategies for embracing digital transformation


How Cities Use Tech to build impactful citizen engagement platforms

Transforming Resident Engagement

Learn everything government needs to know about digital transformation and how your agency can get started. This email course will include:

  • Deep-dives into concepts including digital transformation, channel shift, and citizen-centric design
  • Citizen research reports on how people prefer to engage with local government across channels
  • eBooks on how to build a culture that supports innovation and transformation
  • Examples of how other cities employ digital transformation to improve outcomes