Answer Resident FAQs with a Knowledge Base

Most inbound requests to local governments are for information rather than service. Help residents find answers to their questions and reduce call volume with Rock Solid’s self-service Knowledge Base module.

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Knowledge Base Module Features

With a fully-integrated, mobile-first center for frequently asked questions, your city provides critical information in quick and easy-to-use formats that allow residents to self-serve.

Integrated With Service Requests

Provide contextual help to citizens before they submit service requests with intelligent Knowledge Base articles that appear alongside set request types.

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Omnichannel By Default

Save time by maintaining one knowledge base that works across multiple platforms. One Knowledge Base is seamlessly accessible from mobile, web, and 311 systems.

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311 Support

The Knowledge Base can be integrated into 311 systems, so your customer service staff have the facts at their fingertips.


Managed from your CRM

Manage citizen engagement and resident-focused information from your CRM. With Rock Solid, one tool unifies every resident interaction with your operations.

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