WEBINAR BANNER How to Streamline Public Record Requests

How to Streamline Public Record Requests

Demand for local government public record access is at an all-time high and not expected to slow down soon. How is your city adapting to manage this increased demand when complex, antiquated, and non-integrated government systems and processes don’t meet resident expectations, diminish employee efficiency and are difficult to streamline?

Watch our on-demand webinar as we discuss how to simplify the process building blocks local government agencies leverage to manage and process public record and FOIA requests. Whether your city is using an existing records management system or starting from scratch, we’ll discuss best practices around:

  • Simplifying FOIA Management Processes
  • Creating Online Resident Portals
  • Implementing Workflow Automation
  • Quickly Customizing and Integrating Systems

We’ll provide real-life examples of how other local governments have found success implementing these best-practices.