On-Demand Webinar

Golden Examples of Powerful civic engagement in California

Naturally, we tend to look at our peers as an example of success, and for local government change-makers, the idea is no different. In this webinar, we are highlighting shining examples of California Clerks and City/County Managers that effectively improved civic engagement through constituent relationship management (CRM) and city council agenda and meeting management solutions.

Join us as we discuss what works for other California cities and counties like yours, and how officials are doing more with less thanks to an upgrade in their software solutions. Featuring inspiring customer stories from Rock Solid clients across California, this thought-provoking webinar will give you concrete examples of how your neighbors are improving the civic engagement experience for staff and constituents alike and how your local government's staff can do the same.

Our Objectives:

  • Supply credible feedback from your peers on effective civic engagement strategies
  • Find networking opportunities with city managers and clerks like you
  • Demonstrate solutions that improve the way you work



Andrew Kirk
VP of Sales |
Rock Solid Technologies


Kristen Drews
Customer Success Manager |
Rock Solid Technologies