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Connecting with Consituents: How San Antonio Uses Omnichannel to Improve Civic Engagement

San Antonio GovTech Webinar Vision Clip

Constituents today expect a government customer service experience in line with private-sector companies. And they want the ability to engage  in multiple ways, whether in person, via text, over the phone, on video chat or more.

To make that happen, local governments need a truly omnichannel approach to civic engagement. These solutions not only improve residents’ experience with government agencies, they make it easier and more effective for citizens to help government drive change.

Watch this on-demand virtual panel discussion originally hosted by Government Technology that brings together public-sector leaders and industry experts including:

  • Craig Hopkins, CIO of the City of San Antonio
  • Tom Spengler, CEO of Rock Solid
  • Paul Clanton, Senior Fellow of the Center for Digital Government

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