Webinar: The power of Swagit and OneMeeting

The Power of Swagit and OneMeeting

With a new hybrid government workforce and mounting pressure from citizens for the flexibility of participating in city council meetings virtually or in person, running administrative functions is more challenging than ever.

In this webinar, we unveil how the combination of OneMeeting and Swagit is making it possible to automate and expedite the pre, during, and post-meeting administrative process like never before.

Learn how Swagit can help you:

  • Offload the entire audio/visual and directing duties of city council meetings by letting our team handle all aspects of your broadcast, streaming, and cameras remotely
  • Automate live captioning and get transcripts and indexing of your recording soon after the meeting
  • Provide citizens and employees the ability to quickly jump to the part of the meeting they’re interested in using Swagit’s proprietary SoundSearch capabilities

Learn how OneMeeting can help you:

  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in shared documents to build agendas faster
  • Automate the agenda routing process with workflows and reminders to ensure the agenda is approved by the deadline
  • Record motions and minutes, and create speaker lists
  • Allow elected officials to vote digitally for meetings held in person or remote
  • Fill board seats faster with online candidate submissions.
  • Give the public access to participate in meetings live or remote



Joshua Hurni
OneMeeting Sales Director |
Rock Solid Technologies

Featured speaker David Owusu

David Owusu
VP of Business Development | Rock Solid Technologies

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