Longview, TX Launches CitySend Mobile 311 App

Longview, TX residents now have a more high-tech way of reporting potholes, dead animals, sewer leaks or other problems to the local overnment. Residents with smartphones can get a new mobile app called "CitySend" to inform public works officials of their public issues. The mobile app, unveiled by Longview GIS Manager Justin Cure, allows users to take photos, record video and audio of a problem, and automatically provide GPS coordinates. After the report is submitted into the Longview's Cityworks Work Order Management System, users can track all reported problems on a map as well.


Longview, TX CitySend Screenshot

The app is available for the Apple iOSAndroid, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones. Residents can also report problems directly without a smartphone using this link.

“It will allow us to gain efficiency,” Assistant City Manager Chuck Ewings said. “It is a new way to communicate.

"You can not only track the status of your report, you can look at other reports and see what the city has done to correct it," Cure said. "And you can see reports in your neighborhood."

For city emergencies residents will still need to call 911, but this app is giant step toward improving people's lives.


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