Mobile Citizen Communications 101

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So your government wants to communicate with residents on mobile? That's a wonderful idea. We're long past the point of mobile permeation in the United States and Canada, and governments are jumping in. But if you want to communicate meaningfully and effectively with citizens, there are some rules you should know.

Before messaging, what do your city’s resources look like on mobile? This is important – 81% of people in the US and 83% of people in Canada own a smartphone. I think I can make a safe guess here - you have a smartphone within arm’s reach right now, right?

In today's world, this means local governments need to be as mobile as their residents. Does your city have a mobile app? Are important resources on your city’s website mobile-friendly? Once your agency checks those boxes, mobile can become an effective and appreciated form of communication for your citizens.

Effective Mobile Messaging for Government

Whether you’re in a crisis communication situation or just want to improve everyday citizen engagement, there are mobile best practices your city will want to include as part of your communications plan.

Blending mobile messaging best practices with government agency messaging requirements is key. It’s important to keep your messages brief and efficient, making the most of the small screen format and your citizens’ time. And of course, always be kind and respectful!

Want a quick reference guide to government mobile messaging? Check out this infographic for tips on how to incorporate mobile into your city’s overall engagement strategies and all the do’s and don’ts for powerful mobile messages.

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 Click here to download a copy of the infographic.

Want the tools to enact effective mobile citizen communications and to take your messaging to the next level? Rock Solid can help. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how.

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