Rock Solid, ELGL, and CDG Publish New Citizen Research

What citizens want research report by rock solid, ELGL, and the center for digital government |

*This Press release was originally published via PRWeB on December 14, 2020.*

New survey research in the What Citizens Want report reveals first-of-its-kind insight into how U.S. citizens prefer to access Local Government services

WCW Meta ImageRock Solid Technologies, Government Technology’s Center for Digital Government and Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL), today announced the publication of “What Citizens Want”—a new research report that reveals citizens’ preferences for and opinions of the accessibility of local government services. Conducted by the Center for Digital Government, this research provides an in-depth resource for local government leaders to understand how community members want to interact with local services and agencies.

The “What Citizens Want” report provides insights into the following topics:

  • Overall Satisfaction With Local Government Services
  • How Citizens Prefer to Access Local Government
  • An Investigation Into 15 Local Government Services
  • Why Younger People Find Local Government Less Accessible
  • Why Omnichannel Access—Including In-Person, Online, Mobile, and Other Ways to Access Local Government Service—is Important for Engagement With All Citizens
  • Which Services Local Government Should Prioritize for Digitization

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the importance of accessible services become a top priority for local governments around the country. With this research we were able to directly analyze citizens’ preferences and understand how truly omnichannel local government needs to be,” says Joe Morris, Vice President of Research at the Center for Digital Government.

“Our members constantly strive to improve the way their agencies serve communities. Leaders in local government should be attuned to community needs. This connection to and evaluation of citizens on this scale will help ELGL members determine which services in their own areas to prioritize to optimize service access,” says Kirsten Wyatt, Executive Director of ELGL.

“Residents of communities of all shapes and sizes now demand digital accessibility options that not every local government provides. We are passionate about helping local government and communities work together, so we are proud to partner with the Center for Digital Government and ELGL to share the results of this research,” says Rick Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Rock Solid Technologies.

Read the What Citizens Want Research report here.

About Rock Solid Technologies

Rock Solid Technologies is a collaborative citizen engagement platform that helps local governments and their citizens work as one. As a trusted government technology partner for 25+ years, our intuitive all-in-one Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) and Mobile Application Platform-as-a-Service solution gives community leaders the tools they need to make informed decisions, connect with residents, and build stronger communities.

About the Center for Digital Government

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) is uniquely positioned to develop and field your thought-provoking, independent survey by leveraging both its professional, experienced team of market analysts as well as its deep-rooted, long-term relationships with state and local executives across the country.

CDG’s team has the academic education and public-sector practitioner experience to develop meaningful questions, interpret the data and give you market context around the research findings. The validated survey data can support your go-to-market strategy by helping you to better understand the needs and challenges of your target audience and isolate key themes for content messaging.

About ELGL

ELGL is the Engaging Local Government Leaders network, a professional association with 5,000 members who work in all aspects of local governments. ELGL’s vision is to amplify the good in local government, and its mission is to engage the brightest minds in local government. ELGL produces articles, research, virtual events, and the GovLove podcast to share helpful and innovative strategies for towns, cities, counties, and special districts.

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