Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Intel Security published a report in 2017 that showed that showed that 93 percent of the more than 1,400 IT security professionals surveyed stated they were using some type of cloud service in their organization.

Rock Solid Technologies recognizes the advantages of cloud computing for businesses. As cloud computing gained prominence in the information technology industry, many financial services firms avoided it for one reason: security. However, security in the cloud has advanced significantly. For organizations that are yet to tap into the power of the cloud, now is the time to realize the many benefits of cloud computing.

1. Pushes cost efficiency

The costs of equipment, technological expansion, and data center operations are reduced or in some cases eliminated by Cloud computing. Savings on hardware, installations, electrical power and other expenses are considerable. In addition, reducing the need for on-site servers, software and staff can cut back the IT budget further.

2. Provides flexible pay options

Most cloud computing programs and applications — stretching from ERP and CRM to creativity and productivity suites — use a subscription-based model. This allows organizations to scale up or down according to their needs and budget. It also removes the need for considerable upfront business investment.

3. Enhances collaboration

Cloud-based workflow and file-sharing applications give scattered teams of people the ability to work together more easily and efficiently. Personnel can make real-time updates, see what other team members are doing and communicate effectively. This level of collaboration can speed up projects and improve customer service.

4. Increases business agility

One of the benefits of cloud computing for businesses is how effortlessly team members can work from anywhere. This is exceptionally valuable in an era when employees desire flexibility in their schedules and work environment. Businesses that operate on the cloud can provide staff with options to work on the go or at home, from their desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

5. Supports business continuity

Hosting systems and storing documents on the cloud provides a smart safeguard in case of an emergency. Man-made and natural disasters can damage equipment, shut off power and incapacitate critical IT functions. Supporting disaster recovery efforts is one of the important advantages of cloud computing for companies. This has been especially evident during this time of crisis, after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Many customers were able to access their financial and human resources systems in the cloud from our office in San Juan.

There are many advantages of cloud computing for businesses, but Rock Solid's IT team offer a word of caution as well: Because cloud-computing solutions are so easy and affordable, it is vital that proper security and backup measures are in place to protect data. Our IT team at Rock Solid help businesses make the leap to the cloud while ensuring that the data and business remain safe and secure.

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