Creating Powerful Community and Learning Through Customer Feedback


“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

I LOVE learning. I recently told one of my Technical Support team members that I enjoyed homework when I was in school, much to their shock, but it’s just the truth. Part of learning is getting feedback from experts who know what they’re talking about and turning that feedback into something that’s actionable and will move you forward. As the Customer Services Manager here at Rock Solid, I know that those experts are you, our clients.

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You know the very best about what your needs are, how you want to be informed and made aware, and how we can provide products that help enhance the work you’re doing to impact your constituents in a positive way.

A Net Promoter Survey (NPS) is an established measure to gauge customer loyalty, satisfaction, and enthusiasm and is used to help an organization improve upon service, customer support, delivery, etc. for increased customer satisfaction. We launched an NPS and asked for your feedback earlier this year and are thrilled to say that we had an NPS score at Rock Solid of 47.5. Now, for those who may not know the scoring system of an NPS, scores are measured from -100 to 100.  A typical high mark in specific industries can range from 20-30, and anything above that is considered very high. 

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We’re humbled by the feedback and positive response, but always working on ways we can do better. Some of the themes we heard included: better explanations of new features, a working Word version of your OneMeeting templates, more personal connections with individuals to talk through the product and your specific needs, faster response and resolution times for OneView requests, and in general, additional feature requests. These were all great ideas, and they gave us a better picture of the direction we needed to go as an organization.

Here are some of the notable improvements we’ve made thanks to your direct input:

  •       We’ve released a new .docx template feature for our OneMeeting customers so that you have a working, flexible, familiar template to work with in Word format.  We wanted to provide you with the ability to adjust your agenda and minutes documents in a way that’s more comfortable and easier for you in a native environment such as Microsoft Word.

  •       We’ve implemented a Customer Community! The Customer Community is a space on our Support Portal page where you can have conversations and discussions with fellow customers about best practices, tips and tricks, and how they’re using the system today. In addition, The Customer Community allows for rating the most important enhancements for us to build in our products. You now have a place to engage with your respective peers to collaborate and share ideas; as well as be a voice that shapes our product direction.

  •       We’ve released SLA Tracking and Reporting for our OneView customers!  With this new feature, you now can set ‘Time to Respond’ and ‘Time to Close’ SLAs (Service Request response and close standards set by your organization) by request type resulting in tracking, monitoring, and reporting on real-time response.

  •       We’ve released functionality for our OneView customers where there are New Service Request List View Options.  In Modules --> Service Requests, you have new column views in the ''Set View Filter Options' such as: Created By, Requests by Team, Source, Date Created, CSAT Score, Date Escalated, and more!

  •       We’ve restructured our support organization for our OneView customers to ensure your requests, and issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner.  We’ve incorporated a health status page, so you are notified of any maintenance, release, and incident notifications to ensure you’re always kept up to date with the latest information.

  •       We’ve revamped Customer Success to include increased staffing, improved proactive communication about product features and Rock Solid news, and standardized processes across product lines.

In a continued effort to put knowledge into your hands, we’ll also be rolling out additional webinars and training on how to use new and upcoming features. Be on the lookout in the next quarter for information to join us for further education and discussions virtually!

All of this is to say, thank you. Thank you for lending us your innovative ideas and for partnering with us to make our products, services, and organization the best that we can be for you. Thank you for being open and honest with us on how we can improve and better serve you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you all again this time around and improving your experience with Rock Solid even more!





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